About Tanioka Gakuen

Founding Philosophy

谷岡学園 建学の理念

Tanioka Gakuen Educational Foundation is an entity which is officially endowed by the Ministry of Education of Japan. In 1928, Noboru Tanioka founded "Tanioka Gakuen", when he first opened Osaka Joto School of Commerce, which later became Osaka University of Commerce High School in 1952. He approached education with the idea of preparing and instilling in young people with skills and desire to contribute to society. It has been more than 80 years since the original venture, and today Tanioka Gakuen in association with the educational foundation, Shigakkan, presides over 13 educational facilities encompassing all levels from kindergarten through graduate school and 8 research institutes.

The world is changing at pace never before witnessed in human history.
Technological advances in communication and travel have dramatically increased international interdependence amongst all nations. These changes are making an enormous impact globally, as well as in Japan. To prosper in our increasingly global society, individuals must have a thorough understanding of cultural diversity, as well as their own culture; they must be able to perceive their own role in this increasingly complicated world society, to form concrete goals, and to work toward the achievement of their goals undeterred by fear of the future. As educators our mission is to assist in the creation of such individuals. We feel our success is defined by the balance between technique and ability, intelligence and grace, and the focus on the needs of humanity displayed by our graduates.